What are some of Chasey Rae's accomplishments?

Throughout her 26 years Chasey Rae has accomplished many wonderful things! 

At the age of just 15 She recorded her first demo of "Missing Piece of me" At The Lab Studios in Barrie,ON. 

She went on to Nashville at the age of 20 where she recorded her Song the Lonely Hitchhiker with an amazing producer. Her song the lonely Hitchhiker was then formatted and mastered for release where it sold many copies on Band camp as well as Spotify.

at the age of 23 Chasey was signed to a record label based out of Victoria where she worked with many talented musicians and songwriters, recording her song "More than I lead on" and selling copies through Band camp and Spotify, as well as going on Tour with Mighty Speck Records all across BC. 

Heading back to Nashville where she attended more workshops and performed on Broadway street, she also worked on collaborations with some of Nashville's most talented writers. Her song "Dear Cowboy" was recorded in April 2018 In  Nashville, TN. And is now being prepped and formatted for release to publishers.  

At present, Chasey Rae is writing her book "How to become a professional Songwriter." This book will be released and available for purchase in April 2020. 

How can someone Benefit from taking her class?


What makes Chasey Rae an experienced 


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Chasey wrote her first song at the age of 8 years old, where she then went on to perform in front of her class. Writing songs has come naturally to Chasey for as long as she can remember. Chasey recorded her very first song  "Missing piece of me" at the age of 15. Writing over 100 songs by the time she was 19 she then went on to Nashville where she began connecting and networking with some incredible writers and singers. Chasey attended her first Jason Blume Workshop in Nashville when she was 20 and has since gone back and attended more workshops where she has collaborated with some of Nahsville's most talented writers. Having performed all across BC as well as in Nashville, Chasey soon discovered her passion was songwriting and has worked very hard to become a professional songwriter, selling her songs in multiple formats as well as teaching courses and holding workshops on how to become a professional songwriter, as well as songwriting for beginners. her great and detailed history of songwriting has lead her to become one of Canada's most talented writers.

Chasey Rae offers six different clasess based on age as well as experience.

Her programs range from anywhere between 5 and 12 weeks.  Throughout taking Chasey Rae's Songwriting course, you will have learned some of the most important aspects there are to songwriting. You will learn how to think outside the box, work with imagery, work with multiple techniques, you will learn how to completely write a song from start to finish that you are proud of! There are lots of exciting activites that take place during her classes, for all age groups. You will meet many like minded people as well as collaborate with some amazing artists! To learn more about Chasey Rae's Music school, see the Classes tab at the top.