In April 2016 Chasey Rae fulfilled her lifelong goal of going to Nashville. She packed up her guitar and headed South to get her Single recorded. She met many amazing artists and writers and made some lifelong friends along the way. Nashville opened up her eyes and made her even more dedicated and Inspired. Once she returned home with her newly recorded single, her mindset on her music became more business and career oriented. In November 2017 she singed to a Canadian Record Label "Mighty Speck Records." ( ) 
Mighty Speck Records is based out of Victoria, BC.  They have recently released their 2017 Roster Album and are working towards many great goals for the future. Chasey Rae learned  more in the one year spent with Mighty Speck, than she had hoped. Mighty Speck records is a great Canadian label, founded by a wonderful Canadian Artist "James Kasper." Unfortunately, After a wonderful and successful tour across  BC, Mighty Speck and Chasey Rae severed ties. Chasey Rae is currrently putting her focus toward song writing, and is looking forward to what is next.

At Present, Chasey Rae  is getting ready for her trip next month to Nashville where she will be attending a Song writing workshop and working on collaborations with other great songwriters. 

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​​​Chasey Rae is a Singer/Songwriter currently based out of the Comox Valley, BC. She has come a long way since her first years of singing and writing music. She was born December, 2nd 1992. Her first few years were spent in small town Cochrane, AB but she grew up and spent her childhood and teenage years living and growing in small town, Lafontaine, ON. She began playing guitar and writing songs seriously when she was 14 years old and since then has written many songs, reflecting her life and experiences. Her first song ever recorded was "Missing Piece Of Me" Written for a boy who went missing at the age of 15 leaving behind his twin Sister and family. This song was  important to Chasey Rae because of how involved she got to the situation. She and her Mother went along with the search party for the boy and unfortunately about a week after Chasey had written and recorded her song, the boy was found deceased. "Missing Piece of Me"  was one of her first ever written songs that displayed such power and emotion.

Chasey continued writing, and recorded her next song in Toronto,ON. The song, "Highway Of Heroes" had a great reaction from listeners. The song tells a story about saying goodbye and sending off a loved one to wars uncertain fate. Its got powerful meaning behind it, and is worth a listen! After the success of her two songs, Chasey Rae began working on writing more seriously and her goal of one day going to Nashville soon became her only focus. When Chasey Rae turned 19 she made the move from Ontario to British Columbia where her challenges as well as accomplishments inspired and motivated her to make her musical dreams turn to reality.

​In the Fall of 2015 Chasey Rae wrote her current single "The Lonely Hitchhiker" which tells a story about a man who travels through life with his metaphorical thumb out,  in hopes any girl who stops would bring him further along. It explains the story of how the girl gives him everything and is head over heels for the man, yet she (in his eyes) will never be good enough, though he continues to use her until another ride comes along. It is a strongly written song, that brings out emotions in many. You can really feel the hurt that was felt and in the way it was written, it almost makes you feel sorry for both parties involved.